Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study unit X on its own?

Yes, you can enrol to study 1 unit on its own. You can either audit the unit or study it to receive accreditation. Your first step to studying 1 unit is applying.

Do I have to pay for the course upfront?

The college requires that you pay for the units you are studying each semester upfront. Therefore you are required to pay fees twice a year before commencing each semester.

When does college semesters start?

2018 semesters commence on March 5th and August 6th.

Do you have night classes?

We don’t typically run night classes as part of our normal college timetable, however certain units can be run at night if the demand for the class is there.

What order do I study the units in?

Course advisors set the unit structure and will run the units in accordance to the order they need to be taken. When you enrol you will only have the choice of choosing the units the course advisors have made available for you that semester.

What career opportunities will have from studying this?

Please refer to already existing career opportunities on business marketing material.

If I have already studied a course can I receive credit?

You can but it is not guaranteed. You need to apply to the college via our application form and submitting all your past study transcripts and our registry team will process and assess your eligibility for credit towards what you are applying for.

When is unit X being run? (Timetable question)

Refer to timetable. Email course advisor for more information.

Can I study 1 unit per semester?(Timetable question)

You need to complete the course within a certain timeline (4 years for the Diploma and 10 years for the Bachelor)

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